Bitterblue (by Kristin Cashore) Review, plus some ranting

My Bitterblue review got LOST. I am so very annoyed. I was trying to add a picture and somehow that led to my review – the one I had been writing for 30 minutes – got deleted. And the worst part is, I think I know what happened, and it’s something that’s been happening to me a lot lately. Grr. And now I don’t have the heart to rewrite it all. So this is all you get:


I loved Bitterblue. Read it.


Sorry. Shouldn’t WordPress automatically save drafts? Blogger does…

If you know anyway to find my review, please share. It was a really good review too…sigh…

And now I can’t figure out how to post a photo from a URL at all. Blogger is so much easier. GAH.





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